Wedding Couture

Our range of creative designers will take you through our exclusive collection of artworks to select the perfect fit for your celebration. The process will help us understand your vision. We shall delve deeper into the design process to create customized designs, artworks that embody your imagination.

Artworks can be used to design for any occasion; from weddings to milestone birthdays, anniversaries, child birth and more. It is upon you how you foresee your celebration.

  • Invitations and other collaterals
  • Theme Décor for the event
  • Gifts of value accompanied by authentication certificate

We believe in a collaborative creative process; your suggestions are always welcomed. Our clients count on us for timely delivery of exclusive luxurious innovative solutions. We take this reputation seriously and fulfill our commitment to aesthetics, unique design, and quality, on time.



Seema Kohli’s works reveal a claiming of feminine subjectivities, an altered concept of feminine sexuality. Her art practice involves various disciplines from drawing, painting, sculptures, installations and performance. The most significant one to emerge out of liner forms and paintings is ‘Performance Art’. Decay, hybridization & transformation: Creating new identity; reshaping belongings; intimacy; a dialogue of matter and memory ,myth all constituting a visual language of her work. Her works are a part of various private and public Museums including Rubin’s Museum and Museum of Sacred Arts, Kochi Museum of Arts.

wedding cards by eminent artist



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