Soul of Rajasthan

Showcasing the best works of the legendary Padam Shree Shri Lal Joshi and Kalyan Joshi from Rajasthan Phad painting is a beautiful specimen of Indian cloth painting.

Genesis Gallery is proud to present a unique art exhibition showcasing ethnic Phad paintings from Rajasthan titled “The Soul of Rajasthan”. Rajasthan in Western India is its place of origin. In the simplest term Phad can be described as a large painting on cloth, which venerates the deeds of a hero. The smaller version of phada is known as phadakye. Generally, the life events of Goga Chauhan, Prithaviraj Chauhan, Amar Singh Rathor, Tejaji, and many others were illustrated on the Phadas in the earlier times but today the stories from the life of Papuji, and Narayandevji are primarily depicted. For their unique beauty and chronicling character, Phada painting has come to be regarded as one of the most sought after folk paintings in the world of art and culture.

Shri Lal Joshi, a legendary artist by tradition and a receiver of the Padam Shree awards, along with his son Kalyan Joshi shall be participating in this exclusive show. He has added a new dimension of recognition and fame to the art of Phad painting by developing a contemporary style. Born to a family that has embraced this vocation for centuries now, Shri Lal Joshi has a rich experience of around six decades in different painting styles of Rajasthan.

The collection of paintings made by Shrilal Joshi is exhibited in Art Museums of many countries. Lindane Museum, Germany and Lands Museum, Austria have also honoured the legendary folk-painter for his contribution towards preserving the age-old art form. Laffert Museum, Japan is graced with large wall paintings made by Shrilal Joshi. Besides these, his paintings have earned a place of distinction in the other prestigious museums of the world. Albert Museum- London, Smith Soniyan Museum- Washington, Syracuse University-New York, Etnographisca Museum-Stockholm (Sweden) and museums of Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Germany, Holland and France and to name a few.

Showcasing the best works of Padam Shree Shrilal Joshi and Kalyan Joshi

Inauguration Date:
1st October at 6:00 PM

Genesis Gallery, 8B, Middleton Street, Kolkata
Inauguration by Mr. Wasim Kapoor (An Eminent Artist of India) and Mrs. Vimla Mohta (President of Manusree, Mahela Parishad)

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