This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.

Untitled III
Acrylic on Canvas
38″ x 35″
Title: Untitled III
Artwork Size: 38″ x 35″
Medium: Painting (Acrylic on Canvas)
Subject: Abstract
Size: Medium
Artwork ID: 5763

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This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.

Each artist has to strive to develop his distinct and individual visual vocabulary. Fawad Tamkanat is one artist who has done just that. He has carved a niche for himself as an artist who straddles the traditional and the contemporary with equal panache. He was born in Hyderabad in 1962, to a family that had artistic leanings, his father Shaz Tamkanat, was a well-known Urdu poet. Even so, Fawad did not take up art very early in his childhood. After he completed the Bachelor of Commerce degree, he enrolled for the Bachelor of Fine Arts and subsequently the Master of Fine Art programmes at The Central University in Hyderabad. His creative abilities were honed at this stage and he even received the University Gold Medal. A visit to Fawad’s studio is a unique experience. One can sense that he is an artist who is very relaxed about his work.