This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.

Untitled III
Acrylic on Canvas
36″ x 48″
Title: Untitled III
Artwork Size: 36″ x 48″
Medium: Painting (Acrylic on Canvas)
Subject: Wildlife
Size: Medium
Artwork ID: 5772

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This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.

29th SEPTEMBER 1975

Jaya Prakash selectively picks up an interesting fictional imagery of wild animals akin to the ancient Chimera. He believes that making art is a reflection of nature as well as society thus the metaphoric Chimera occupies his canvases to produce multiple meanings.

Just like a glorious king who wanders every nook and corner and hunts for mundane things and exhibits his fighting skills claiming his (id)entity in the society, he too craves for his glorious moments. His cynical but true instincts are dubbed here to create an embodiment of free will. The image of the wild beast, usually the king of animal world is captured and tamed to cater to his visual dialect. The sturdy unbroken fluid lines and the folk sensibilities come together manifesting an unusual design sense, where flatness and interlocking patterns play a sublime role.

Jaya Prakash makes an attempt to retouch/re-present the mythical animal with utmost crafty skills as if the drawing wins over the conventional painting. A careful rendering of the surfaces mostly in Black& White and sometimes in colour is seen in his paintings. His idea of a flaccid animal here, is to describe both the social inactiveness and representation of an imaginative or implausible animal instinct.